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De Kampuchea spa package

- De Kampuchea Relaxation

  180 min 43.USD

The wonderfully calming experience is perfect for anyone suffering from a long journey or a hard day’s activity. First a body massage will relax your mind, then an aromatic salt scrub will revitalize your skin and finally a vitamin facial treatment will ensure you are looking and feeling good.

Asia massage -75 min

Kampot salt scrub-30 min

Jasmine rice vitamin facial-60 min

Hydrating and nourishing body treatment-15 min.

- Recovery moisturizing

  180min  43.USD

To truly experience what Cambodia has to offer, this is a must for all travelers. An exotic Aloe Vera Fresh Mango Wrap followed by an Aromatherapy massage and a rejuvenating facial for women or men’s recovery facial for gentlemen. While you relax for traditional Khmer style, herbal tea and mango will be served to complete this very unique experience.

- Rendez-vous package

  180 min 52.USD

For those who want the ultimate in spa experiences, let us take your body and mind to refresh you from the inside out with the divine combination of aroma oil massage and Rendez-vous treatment.

Asia massage 75 min

Jasmine rice body scrub 30 min

Rendez-vous facial 45 min

Hydrating and nourishing body treatment 15

- Apsara cocoon

  120min 32.USD

A gentle exfoliating treatment (reflecting Cambodian’s love for nature, all our scrub are natural) followed by a hydrating treatment to revitalize your skin .

Asia oil massage-75 min

Jasmine rice body scrub-30 min

Hydrating and nourishing body treatment-15 min

- Natural fruit wrap

 120min 32.USD

A natural fruit wrap that is deep-cleansing . draws out oils and toxins as well as tightens tones and re-mineralizes the skin. it leaves the skin radiant and healthy. A gentle shower comes next followed by an essential oil massage and moisturizers.

Asia oil massage-75 min

Fresh mango, Yougurt, honey body wrap 30 min

Hydrating and nourishing treatment-15 min.

- Kampuchea refresh

  120 min 32.USD

The perfect combination for sun kissed adventure. Restore lost moisture in your skin while maintaining a long lasting and healthy after a day of adventure in the sun.

Asia oil massage -60 min

Aloe Vera Wrap-45 min

Hydrating and nourishing body treatment-15 min.