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De Kampuchea  Facial treatment

- Rendez-Vous facial

  60 min 42.00 USD

Using Rendez-vous cosmetics, this one-of-a-kind treatment gives an instant lift and newfound glow. Advanced manual pro-lifting massage techniques optimize the products effectiveness and specialized micro-masques for the eye and lip contours provide additional benefits. Designed for nature skin to fight the effects of time and restore beauty.

- Men’s recovery facial

  60 min 22.00 USD

A relaxing and cleansing facial treatment to rejuvenate your skin as well as counteracting skin irritation from shaving and sport related activities. Includes facial and neck massage.

- Rejuvenating facial

 60 min 22.00 USD

Suspending time, the treatment offers maximum protection against external factors and free radicals. Adapted for all skin types, it is includes facial and neck massage to enhance relaxation. Leave skin looking balanced and refreshed.

- Jasmine rice vitamin facial

 60 min 22.00 USD

Cucumber toner, black sticky rice scrub and mango mask. Natural plain yoghurt with black sticky rice gently exfoliate your skin, Removing dead skin cells helps promoting cell glow Mango mask is associated with longevity and preserving youthfulness. It works as a natural moisturizer and encourages the growth of new skin.