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Aromatherapy massage

- For the following massage, select your dedicated essential oil among 100% Natural Organic nature oils according to your needs.

Cool the body and soothes emotions.

Helps combat nervous, exhaustion and fatigue.

Reduces muscles and joint ache.

Melts away anxiety, tension and stress.

Fragrant, power fully, uplifting as well.

Help cleansing to the skin and relaxing.

Life depression and boost confidence.

- Asia massage (aromatherapy)
 60 min 18.00USD/ 90 min 28.00USD

With the recognized virtue of essential oils, our therapist will deliver the energy flow through body. The treatment improves blood circulation, muscle relaxation, tension, mind and soul.

- Swedish 4 hand massage.
 60 min 32.00USD/ 90 min 42.00USD
To discover Kampuchea spa techniques, a 4 hands massage delivered by two therapists at same time, the treatment provides you a unique experience from top-toe.

- Herbal compress massage.
 60min 25.00USD/90min 35.00USD/ 120min 45.00USD
The Pacific herbal compress massage combines the healing effects of an aromatherapy massage with the application of heated herbal compress, the treatment purifies, relaxes, warms, relieves aches and pains and improves the blood circulation condition whilst stimulating the senses.

- Deep Tissue massage
  60 min 22.00USD/ 90 min 32.00USD
The deep pressure will be applied across the grain of the tense muscle. It is applied with more pressure and to deeper layers of muscle than swedish massage. It can alleviate pain and dysfunction through skillful manipulation of the muscle  restoring balance to overworked or injured tissue.